“Pictures are bits of life”, as Sitka Charley, Jack London’s Native American character, used to say. You don’t know what happened before the instant captured in the painting, nor can you anticipate what would happen next. You can only see “the now” - a moment frozen in time, as if caught in amber. You can take your time to study all the details and dwell upon each and every stroke and line, and see the life in all its beauty in these small bits. You can finally see everything that, unfortunately, we so often lack time to admire. 29 of my paintings are shown below.

Some people prefer my early paintings, which were more gentle, detailed, and even photorealistic. Even though those times have passed, you can still find 34 of my early paintings below, some of which are still available for sale. Click on the tiny square picture below.

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Sketches are the blood of paintings, without which art becomes faint and lifeless. Their incompleteness and imperfection is a promise of a future masterpiece. They are always better than the final large canvas, no matter how well-made they are, just like the expectation of a miracle is always more precious than a dream come true. 80 sketches are demonstrated below.

Spanish Album. In October 2013, while traveling around Spain once again, I had a small brown paper album on me. In it forever remain the snow-white houses and the deep blue sky of Chinchon, the smell of freshly-baked bread that was hanged on doorhandles in small towns early in the mornings, the heavy gray sky above the Avila fortress, brightly colored buildings of Cuenca... It was so wonderful that in July 2016 I once more returned to Spain with another brown paper album. Below you may see both albums - 65 colour and 13 b/w sketches.



Three books are available for sale:

1. Book-catalog 2013-2018 (80 pages, 21x21 cm) is filled with stories and has lots of paintings, as well as their enlarged fragments. 

2. Book-catalog 2007-2012 (64 pages, 21x21 cm) has lots of paintings, as well as their enlarged fragments.

3. Spanish album - an actual printed copy of the original 2013 album - the same A4 size (42 pages), also on a spring, with no texts inside. 
4. Spanish album-2 - an actual printed copy of the original 2016 album  - the same A4 size (38 pages), also on a spring, with no texts inside.


My canvas prints are available at iCanvas.

Write me if you didn’t find there the painting or sketch you like.



I was born and bred in Moscow. Now exhibiting around the world.

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Gelya seating

29,6x21 cm, marker, tempera, paper